Allison Transmission 7.5, Allison DOC, (Diagnostic Optimized Connection.

FEATURE LIST for Version 7.0.0 for June 4, 2007


1 ) Monitoring of 1K/2K and 3K/4K 4th Generation Controls.

2 ) Monitoring of CEC2 Electronic Control Unit (ECU) data.

3 ) Monitoring of CEC (On-highway and Off-highway) Electronic Control Unit (ECU) data.

4 ) Monitoring of World Transmission Electronic Control (WTEC) II/III Electronic

Control Unit (ECU) data.

5 ) TAC Data Collection capability for WTEC III ECUs.

6 ) Monitoring of 1000/2000/2400 Series Transmission Control Module (TCM) data.

7 ) Display of multiple transmission parameters and Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

8 ) Display of Failure Records.

9 ) A graphic display of limited data using analog and digital gauges.

10 ) Reprogramming of ECU or TCM settings.

11 ) Ability to activate/reset tests and tranmission capabilities (clutch

test, solenoid test, adaptive shifts, throttle calibration, etc.)

12 ) Recording of vehicle data bus information into snapshot sessions.

13 ) Display of vehicle data bus traffic.

14 ) E-mailing of snapshots along with optional comments.

15 ) Ability to Export snapshots to a comma-delimited file (4th Gen Controls only).

16 ) Ability to create/display/print diagnostic reports.

17 ) Access to transmission Troubleshooting Manuals, including context-sensitive links.

18 ) Integrated help with video-based training materials.

19 ) The ability to launch TCM Reflash when installed.

20 ) Automated application updates.

21 ) Access to Service Information Letters via the Allison Transmission web site.

22 ) Ability to monitor TRANSHEALTH(TM) status and to generate and display TRANSHEALTH(TM)


23 ) Language support for English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, and Korean.

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Allison Transmission 7.5

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