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Saab workshop information system, repair manual, service manual, maintenance, electrical wiring diagrams, body repair manual Saab 9-5 (9600) 1998-2009, Saab 9-3(9440) 2003-2009.

Saab WIS Release notes Saab 9-3 (9440), edition 2008-2 (June)


From and including edition 2007-1, the WIS DVD will not be tested and validated on the Windows NT 4 operating system.

This is due to Microsoft's decision to stop supporting NT 4.

From and including edition 2006-2, WIS has been supplied on DVD (all 14 languages are on the same DVD disc).

The content of the support matter must be written in English.

New this edition (MY2008, 3rd edition)

- updated wiring diagrams

- new service bulletins

- Main and intermediate service, Europe

Open the troubleshooting document (Saab 9-3 only)

A fault has been detected when the troubleshooting document is opened with the 'Open' button.

Recommended method: Double-click on the desired diagnostic trouble code in the list (see illustration) to obtain the correct troubleshooting information.

Saab WIS Server installation

For this edition there have been no changes to WIS that affect program functions. Therefore, during server installation of this WIS edition (edition 2008-2), it is not necessary to reinstall the client program on computers running WIS via a network. Consequently, it is sufficient to install the data (text documents & images) on the server.

“Last-minute” notes

This section will cover very late changes or additions made to the WIS application. Due to this information being added just before the CD release, it will be presented in English only.

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