Caterpillar Wireless Communication Adapter 261-3363

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Caterpillar Wireless Communications Adapter CAT 261-3363 dealer diagnostic interface Caterpillar construcion equipment, engines, gensets.

CAT Wireless Communication Adapter AllowsRadio Frequency Communication BetweenComputer and Electronic Control Module.

CATERPILLAR 261-3363 Communication Adapter Group (Wireless)

SMCS Code: 1900

Model: Caterpillar Products with Electronic Control Modules (ECM) that use Flash Programming

Essential Tool

Warranty: One Year

European Union compliant, CE marked

• Combines functionality of a communication adapter with an 802.11b radio

• Allows the technician to monitor and program a product’s ECM with Cat

Electronic Technician (ET) through a radio frequency connection

• Used with Cat ET and an 802.11b-enabled PC

• Consists of a portable hardware adapter and a software program

designed to run under Microsoft Windows (XP, 2000, ME, or 98)

• Allows a laptop computer (PC) to aid in monitoring ECM communication

on J1939/11 high speed data link, Cat Data Link, and J1708 (ATA) vehicle


• FCC, IC compliant — meets requirements for license-free operation in the

USA and in Canada

• Certified for use in Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia,

Brazil, and South Africa

• Group contains all necessary cables and software required

• Replacement parts can also be purchased separately

• Mounted to machine with magnetic mounts

Not Recommended for Following Applications

• 2007 On-Highway Trucks. Use 275-5120 Communcications Adapter II

for these applications

Data Link Harness

• Connects wireless communication adapter to diagnostic port on machine

802.11b Enabled PC

• An 802.11b network card (provided in group) is required for PC to

communicate with wireless communication adapter

Network Interface

• Relies on an 802.11b radio network

• Radio network is configured to operate in Ad Hoc mode (Channel 11)

• Utilizes an IP Address Range in Private Address space (172.23.x.x)

• In addition, WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is enabled with a default

static WEP key


NEHS0926, Tool Operating Manual, Using the 261-3363 Wireless

Communication Adapter

Operating voltage 9 to 32 VDC, 3.6 W typical, 4 W maximum

Operating temperature -40В° to +70В°C (-40В° to +158В°F)

Overall size (without magnets) 213.9 x 119.9 x 45.2 mm (8.42 x 4.72 x 1.78 in)

Weight (without magnets) 472 g (1.04 lb)

Vehicle protocols supported: Cat Data Link (CDL), ATA (SAE J1708), SAE J1939

Wireless communication TCP/IP Over 802.11 b (11 Mb)

Wireless communication range 152 m (500 ft)

(line of site) with standard


CATERPILLAR 261-3363 Communication Adapter Group (Wireless) KIT Include:

Part No. Description

239-9955 Wireless Communication Adapter

259-3183 Data Link Cable

261-4867 802.11 b PC Card and Software CD

262-7732 Magnetic Feet (4 required)

261-3381 Foam Insert (for carrying case)

6V-3072 Carrying Case

154-6315 1 Machine Screw (4 required)

8T-0328 Washer (4 required)

6D-5801 Locknut (4 required)

Kit include Caterpillar ET 2011

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