BMW Wiring Diagram System WDS is used to view wiring diagram information, s a browser-based application running in Internet Explorer.

BMW WDS contains the following data:

- Wiring Diagrams

- Pin Assignments

- Component Locations

- Connector Views

- Functional Descriptions

- Measuring Devices

- Desired Values

- Help Texts

- Functional Tests

This file contains:

- System Requirements

- Installation Instructions

============ SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS =============================

Operating System:

- Windows 2000, XP or NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 and up

- 13 MB of hard disk space

- 32 MB of RAM recommended

- Screen Resolution: min. 800 x 600

- DVD Drive

Internet Browser:

- Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

  Netscape is NOT supported

- JavaScript and CSS enabled

- Java enabled

  When using SUN Java Enviroment: Version 1.4.1 or higher

- Scripting of Java Applets enabled

Adobe® Plugins:

- Adobe® SVG PlugIn 3.0 or higher (for Wiring Diagrams)


============ INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS =======================

1. Install Adobe® SVG PlugIn:

Note: For installing the Adobe® SVG Plugin on

your PC you need local administrator rights.

- Insert the DVD in your DVD drive.

- If open, please close your Internet Explorer

- On the DVD open the "install" directory

- Doubleclick the file "SVGView_XX.exe"

  (XX is the abbrevation for your language)

- Follow the on-screen instructions

2. Start the Application:

- Insert the DVD in your DVD drive.

  Internet Explorer should start automatically with a language selection page.

  If the DVD does not start automatically:

  - Start your internet Explorer.

  - Load the file index.htm from the DVD in your Internet Explorer.

- Choose a language.

- Choose a model.


© 2004 BMW Service

Models list:

BMW 7 E38 03/94-09/98

BMW 7 E38

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BMW WDS 10.0

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