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Audi Elsa 3.9 dealer service manual, repair manual, maintenance operation, diagnostics, body dimension Audi, electrical wiring diagrams, flat rates, presented all models Audi.

ELSA 3.9 Electronic Service Information System for Windows consist full information all models cars Audi 1947-2011 years of manufacture are considered. 

The full information on repair of the Audi and a Volkswagen is presented basically on cars 1986-2011, wiring diagrams 1992-2010.

Completely the information is presented in English, German languages. In new versions Elsa 3.5 the information in other language added.

Base ELSAWin contains following basic sections:

Maintenance Manual - the description of service intervals of service and the maintenance of the service works, conveniently allocated on systems of the car. For each type of service works the necessary special tool and the equipment is underlined. Specifications, and also methods of check of those or other parameters are resulted. Carrying out of all works is explained by qualitative illustrations;

Body Repair - the description body works, the recommendation on editing separate parts of a body, body dimensions and so forth;

Workshop Manual - the basic

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